Training Material

I have the opportunity to train "indoors" to shoot on 15m while the weather is bad. Outdoors, I probably (not measured it) have the ability to shoot up to 150m. Here, I use a disused former agricultural production cooperative terrain, which is adjacent to the lot of my parents.

When I use two releases T.R.U. Ball Absolute 360 (4 fingers - Titanium/Black). These can be mounted very well and comfortably in my hand and I can adjust the position of the head so that the loop is not twisted at take off.

For compound bow I use Carbon arrows GoldTip Ultralight Entrada by 28" long and 2" Bohning Blazer Vanes and Spine of 400. The top is "SPHERE F-Field" with 100gr. When I use crossbow bolt Carbon GOLDTIP Ballistic / Laser III with a length of 20" and 4" AAE ELITE Vanes. The tip is "SPHERE Heavy Metal Nickel - Field" with 160gr.

As a target I use for a compound bow 80x80x20 Arch-Well with interchangeable center (24x20). For crossbow I'm still looking for a suitable target :( The target stand 4-leg was built by my father himself.

The target control which I use is a 20x50 Mondokular with portable tripod. This is sufficient to shoot at a distance of 100m. The software I use Coach's Eye for video analysis and MyTargets to save my results. These results are regularly synchronized to my server and displayed under „training".